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Default Re: Mayweather, Broner and Garcia Dancing in the Gym [VID]

Originally Posted by MVC View Post
Seriously. Mayweather is the greatest thing to happen to boxing since Ray Robinson.

He's enthusiastic, hard working, brings new fans to the sport, great family man, philanthropist, gives the less fortunate food on the streets (In Grand Rapids, Vegas) good delicious sustenance, fun to be around, #1 in the sport, Top 20-25 ATG by most ****ysts/historians, paved the way for new fighters to take his throne (Broner, Ward etc), paid for the funeral (Part for Omar Henry, whole amount for Genaro Hernandez, offered to pay (don't know if he did) for Joe Frazier). He's very respectful of old fighters.

This man is a saint.
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Okay I am a big Floyd fan and all but what the **** is wrong with you?
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