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Default Re: Your favorite boxing movies

Million Dollar Baby was a terrible, terrible movie. And Cinderella Man was just alright. Rocky is great though.

1.Raging Bull: Not just a great boxing movie. One of the greatest movies of all time.
2.Rocky: Even though Stallone can't box, the story, the acting, and the music were superb.
3.The Great White Hype: very funny film. You have Samuel Jackson playing Don King, Damon Wayans playing Tyson, with all sorts of inside boxing jokes.
4.Fat City: a very realistic story, directed by John Houston. Not as good as the book but I liked the contrast of the fighter on his way up and the one on his way out.
5.Diggstown: James Woods gives a very good performance
6.The Hammer: Adam Carolla knows his boxing, and comedic dialog, but this film still lacked top knotch acting, writing, direction, and cinematography.
7.Killer's Kiss: Not strictly a boxer movie but the main character is a boxer and it has a boxing scene in it. And it's by master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.
8.Requiem for a Heavyweight: good acting, and a good noir film

I couldn't watch all of The Fighter because it was just so melodramatic, even though Christian Bale was doing some good acting in that. Million Dollar Baby was one of the most sickeningly manipulative over the top films I think I've ever seen. It's kick the puppy filmmaking where they just keep beating up on a poor defenseless victim who's pure and kind. Meanwhile, Eastwood is learning Gaelic 'cause all of his characters need to have some unique tick like playing jazz or painting, and Morgan Freeman is some washed up boxer who's had 99 fights and wishes he'd had 100. Yuck. Cinderellas Man was boring. Will Smith looked nothing like Muhammad Ali in Ali. And Somebody Up There Likes Me was phoney as a two dollar bill.

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