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What happened to freedom of speech online and why do people suddenly have to be accountable for their comments? It is an opinion. As any copper will tell you, you can say what you want about someone or to someone but the minute violence ensues then someone is getting in trouble.

If I chased down every person who has called me a **** just on this website I would have a full time business on my hands. These celebrities are so ****ing precious. "Oh boo hoo someone called me names I'm going to call the cops and sue them". Get over it you ****. I can say what I want when I want and there isn't a damn thing you should be able to do about it because its an opinion.

Is anyone listening to what trolls say? Are they hurting anyone's image? No. Ignore the ****s. How dumb do you have to be to not realize they feed off publicity and negative energy lol
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