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Default Re: crocop: "I will destroy my english shame"

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat
Hey man, you got to give GG his credit. He beat him at everything. It wasn't no one kick fluke. Cro was just bested.
don't get me wrong...that was NO fluke. Gonzaga just did what he had to do. He trained for it.
Just like Randleman did in 2004 (no fluke either)...

That's not the problem...the problem is with Filipovic Himself.
he used to have the same problem in K1 too..
He's the type of guy who can pull some incredible moves and be ultra dangerous for anyone...But whenever he's "off"....He's extremely imprevisible and can get owned by anyone.

and the worst thing is that you can't even blame fast KO losses as "lucky" shots or flukes or whaveter you wanna call them...

He's a huge egomaniac...
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