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Default Re: which era had the highest ratio of crooked top level fights?

Originally Posted by Vockerman View Post
Which era had the highest ratio of crooked top level fights?

The Current Era - everyone is juiced to the gills fighting at 1/4 lbs catch weights with weigh in three or four days early so Welterweights come in the ring over 160 and the scoring looks like it is done by a little old lady sunday school class. Don't get me started on the ref's either, they let one guy damn near get killed in the ring and stop another for a flash KD that he is up at 4 on. The alphabet soup constant corruption concerning ratings for a shot at a title seems to be based mostly on hearsay and not actual real life performance in the ring. How can anyone possibly defend this "modern" mess we call Professional Boxing? All this **** is why MMA is even a major sport. IS it really more exciting to watch two grown men play grabass? No - Boxing is just too crooked to be entertaining anymore... Even when (if?) you get the champ off his yearlong vacation to fight some luckless halfwit recently made a contender because the REAL fighters are to dangerous and not big draws... There has always been and will likely always be some corrupt BS in any major money sport, but the current modern level of crooked **** is absurd and detremental to the continued existance of the sport.
Yes, your right!

maybe this is the most corrupt time in the sport.

every ****en fights a 'title' fight, don't Contenders ever fight anymore to ligitimately climb up the ranks. you know it's so hard to take as it is, but just reading your post here has brought it all home.

Boxing ****en sucks!!!
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