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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Truth. Good call on Frazier, too. A little bit more sound, steady pressure, took a few less risks, bigger guy.

I'd probably pick Frazier too. I'd pick Ali, simply because of his speed, movement, and penchant for dragging out the worst in fighters. If Wlad has a panic button(We know he does), Muhammad Ali is gonna push it.

I think Wlad and Dempsey would end early, one way or another. Both could be hurt, and put down. Again, give me the bigger, straighter puncher in that one.

Tyson wrecks Wlad. I think Holyfield would be soundly outboxed as he had a habit of getting caught at the end of long punches, and that hurts me to say, he's one of my favorite fighters. Bowe and Lewis win because they'd fight inside, and have the strength and size to not get dominated physically and to get leverage, as well as avoid being leaned on or redirected with the left(Wlad's best trick that nobody talks about).

Yeah, I'd probably take Liston and Holmes, too. I don't think Wlad would adjust well to being outjabbed. I think he'd start overcommitting to his power shots, which would allow them to establish range to land their own stuff. I think Liston would be the easier assignment, though.

I go back and for on Louis. I think Wlad has a ton of advantages, including styles, but Louis is such a compact, efficient puncher who can turn it over and on with so little, that I think one little opening, one lazy clinch, would be all he needed to put it away. Could he avoid getting pinned out on the jab and bombed out, though? His head movement wasn't great, and his left hand was lazy, which is the only bad habit I can think of the actively draws Wlad's right hand(The second Brock started shifting guard to search for bigger punches, he started getting blasted). Gun to my head, Louis, but I think it's an interesting fight.

Think Old George beats Wlad, too, in a pure stylistic and mental thing. So much pressure, so much heat, so much strength, such painful punches. George on the attack is a fearsome thing, it's very hard to resist. He's like the immovable object, you've got to box around him. Wlad has shown in the Thompson and Wach fights that he can move a bit, but I don't think his foot speed and mental toughness is where it would need to be for that sort of challenge.
Always like reading your excellent posts magna - just wanted to get your opinion on Michael Moorer aswell - aside from getting caught by the bingo shot late from Foreman based on how well he boxed up to that point and if taking only an in shape and motivated Moorer how do you rate him? I think he's one of the most under rated - I see you see George having a good shot with Vlad - how do you see Moorer against Vlad? And what do you think of Moorer as a fighter aside from how you think he does against Vlad?
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