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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by PetethePrince View Post
Yeah, I'd ever so slightly favor Dempsey's chances over Marciano's but that chance is increasingly more marginal by the day because styles is an often overused crux for when quality is clearly lacking. Same goes for the bigger men in regards to Dempsey. I'd see no other scenario than Marciano demolishing Firpo, who would just be a bigger target for Marciano to abuse. It just may take a little longer. I'm not going to argue with Louis when he beat many very good big men and had plenty of quality. Louis was simply a much better fighter than Dempsey in my view.

Yep. Tyson has the best attributes and a serving style. I'm 100% convinced Tyson wins ten times out of ten at his absolute peak. Frazier has the most ideal style. The biggest concerns would be his durability and the referee. Those concerns won't even matter with Tyson, however.

It's a huge IF but a sensible one if it's somehow physically possible. If anyone could prove such physical disparities aren't everything, it's surely a legend like Marciano. Still almost the work of Hollywood movie-making, almost.
I see what you're saying I just dont like the assumption that rocky could beat a bigger man when he never did. Foster was a great lhw but against heavyweight fighters he looked feeble. Stepping up in weight is something should be proved and not taken for granted imo.

Frazier and Tyson both have a huge stylistic ad advantage and should both do wlad before the fifth. Louis could take longer because he's more patient but the minute wlad tires and drops his hands Louis will **** his world up.

If Rocky can take the shots I'd favour him because I don't think a man of Wlad's build is designed for twelve hard rounds. As he fades Rocky wouldn't and his shots would do more damage but that's not the likelihood for me. I see it being a similar story to the chag fight in that Rocky never gets past the jab and is felled by the first big right Wlad throws. Maybe I will give Rocky more of a chance than I did at the start due to his conditioning but he's still the underdog in my books. Definitely a live dog however.
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