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Question Why is HBO airing Bradley-Provodnikov?

Let me say right off the bat, I don't mean to ask this out of hate. I've liked Bradley for a while, and even his post-Pacquiao statements haven't bothered me.

But for the life of me I cannot figure out why HBO is spending money to air a fight between a guy who is not a draw and whose popularity may have actually further decreased coming off a fight with a top PPV draw and a guy who by all rights is an ESPN FNF level fighter, both in terms of ability and recognition. And yes, Provodnikov deserved to beat Herrera, but I fail to see why I should be impressed by that, nor does it take into account the gift decision he received against Grandpa Corley. I see no reason why HBO should have approved this fight as a WCB main event, especially given Bradley's earlier rejection of a Peterson rematch.

Beyond this however, I'm also somewhat confused why I haven't seen the same people who killed Greenburg for fights like this regularly taking Hershman to task. Bradley-Alexander was one of the low points of HBO boxing according to some, but Bradley taking on a far less popular fighter somehow receives little criticism. Likewise, Bradley's former promoter was denegrated as a mere "TV packager" yet could someone highlight how exactly his current one isn't behaving in the exact same manner for this fight?
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