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Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
Saints Cyril and Methoodius were missionaries to Slavic lands and devised the Glagolitic alphebet which was used for Old Church Slavonic. Modern Cyrillic alphebets used in half the Slavic countries today have are derived from their alphabet. Hence the name Kiril and its significance.

Relikh looks okay but im not terribly impressed tbh. Belarus usually has a steady stream of decent fighters though. Most promising is Siarhei Karneyeu who i hope goes pro soon, he fought at 201lbs but could probably make LHW. His loss to Mammadov at the Olympics was probably the worst robbery of the game.
I love the interet and the way we get a history lesson on a boxing forum. Honestly that's actually interesting so thank you

I do like Relikh though personally. Would be great to see Karneyeu turn professional as well. The more the merrier!
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