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Default Re: Paul Williams vs. Floyd Mayweather

Originally Posted by codeman99998
Mayweather has always been a very very good inside fighter.

Another poster here said something about how Floyd "doesn't use his speed for defense he uses his shoulder roll skills" or something. This is wrong.

The problem is, you guys aren't looking at Floyd's entire career, just the way he has won his very very very recent fights. He uses different things against different people. Against N'dou and Gatti he was busting them up on the inside. Against Baldomir he was potshotting from the outside. He has used his speed and reflexes and footwork defensively with great results. He has used the shoulder roll defensively with great results. He can counter, or hit you with blisteringly fast leads jumping in from the outside.

Mayweather is a totally complete fighter skillwise. He isn't the strongest or most aggressive fighter of all time, but there is no skill that he lacks. There are many different ways that Floyd wins fights, because he is very very good at many things.

Yeah he lacks *****, and if he digs himself a hole against Williams (if they fight) like he did against Judah he will lose. I've never doubted Floyds' talent, but stylistically Williams is all wrong for him.
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