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Default Re: Would Floyd beating Ward be up there with the likes of Ali-Foreman etc

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
I think both of their resumes have glaring flaws, honestly.

Pacquiao separates himself with fights and wins over legends, and for his resounding, concussive run up the weight classes.

But Floyd has made the habit of fighting the best at his weight class, or the man at it, time and time again. Baldomir upsets king Judah in a shocker? Floyd fought both. Shane Mosley becomes #1 after beating the tar out of Margarito? Floyd beat him.

I agree that Pacquiao is greater and has achieved more, but I think the difference is often vastly overstated. Floyd beat Hatton first, and Hatton never looked the same. Floyd beat DLH at DLH's weight, he didn't suck him down. Pacquiao beat a Mosley contemplating retirement, not soaring off of one of his best career wins. Again, things to think about. I don't think they are THAT far apart, and if Floyd beats Guerrero, and Pacquaio continues to lick his wounds, the gap will start to close, as Guerrero has been hot for a couple of years and has some rather good wins of late.
I agree with this but I am not sure how much Manny want to go on in this sport...he has a lot on his plate and his first choice will have to take priority at this stage of his career, he is at a severe crossroads and I dont think Marquez wants the rematch and I dont blame him a lot of eyes will be on him and I dont want to tarnish his name but seems his trainer found the magic potion that allowed his shoulders to expand and arms to burst while keeping the body fat off...may be a lot of eyes on the rematch, funny but in the Floyd fight he had the backfat and lack of muscle and a softness to his body, the new trainer/nutritionist worked wonders and nothing was the last thing I want to do is cast a sour note against a professional boxer, I have enough respect for the feat alone of entering the ring but my mind was running with some of these predominant thoughts that pop up at the mention of this fight and a rematch (which I think is a perfect fight at this time for both men) its a natural and may or may not be the fight Pac needs to rebound or Pac it in
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