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Default Re: K1 Final 8 - rescheduled for March 15th in Zagreb

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
I agree, but I'm talking about the division in general.

Big boyz really struggle with alot of basic techniques due to their oversized body mechanics. Very few big boyz have the gift of say a Hug or a Hari where they seem to have a similar level of coordination as the little guys. Most HW Kickboxers are very robotic, sluggish and unagile with very limited and ugly technique that wouldnt even pass for C grade in the lower divisions. Don't get me wrong i don't doubt their heart and fighting spirt and the excitement they can generate but why do you think the division gets dominated by the same old names decade after decade cos there just aren't that many big men around that can cut the mus**** of top flight HW kickboxing, the division is and always will be bereft of any depth due to technical limitations of being a big boy.
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And these guys did not have the technique? Yeah right.. What they do have is on punch KO power.
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