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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
I don't believe the poison bull****. The blood sugar? Quite possible. Again, I've never seen a guy shut down like that when he's that on top. Lamon didn't land anything.

I'll tell you what, though, he sure as hell finished the matter when he smelled blood. Some of those hooks were wicked. I think Lamon was 10 seconds away from laying him out in a violent, KO of the year type knockout. He was letting em go from the hips.
I cant agree with you that he didnt take a punch against Brewster.

Wlad couldnt stand up once Brewster hurt him. He did the same in the purity fight and the Sanders fight. His legs turned to jelly(though to be fair his heart tried to keep him going).

You may know better than me, but of all the all time greats, i think that Wlads chin is easily the most worrying. I dont think it is panic or exhaustion that everyone tries to suggest. Wlad is the best conditioned athlete (or at least close to it) of current times. He isnt going to gas like he allegedly does. There is a little bit to the panic thing for the modern Wlad, but i cant see panicking explaining Purity, Sanders or even Brewster. He was confident in all these fights and there his chin was never questioned the way it is today, i wouldnt have thought. I think it is definitely and without a doubt his achilles heel.

All of Wlads fights are filmed, but i cannot see a single fight where he has taken many clean shots at all. Lewis had a questionable chin because of his KO losses, but he ate plenty of huge shots. Same Goes with Jack Johnson and any other fighter. EVen Vitali. But i really can t think of Wlad taking any big shots and continuing on. AS soon as he is nailed cleanly, his legs seem to go to rubber and at least now he tries to clinch. But his rubber legs seem to last for an eternity, as with Brewster and it even seemed to nearly happen i think it was in his last fight with Wach.

Having sparred (presumably lots of rounds), you would think that you and others would have landed some heavy artillery on Wlad at some stage. Is his chin as shaky as it seems from every clean shot he is hit with, or would you say that he shakes off plenty of haymakers in sparring? It is an interesting topic, in some ways (andfor obvious reasons i wouldnt like him to do it) i think he could benefit from some Muhammed Ali style rope a dope training. To improve his chin. With a good chin, he might be the greatest fighter ever, although i suppose we would still have the lack of an inside game to pick on.

Anyway, i guess the long winded question, is what is your perception of Wlads chin and ability to take a punch since i presume you have seen him tested more than anyone else on here has.
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