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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
The Brewster fight was wild. I've NEVER seen a top shelf heavyweight gas in 60 seconds. One minute, he's beating Brewster up, next minute, he can't breathe, he's eating big shots, and he looks like a zombie.

Wild fight.

Can't say I see it as a blueprint, honestly. It hasn't ever happened again.

Sounded like whining excuses at the time, but I think there might be something to Wlad's claims he was some kind of sick that night. I've not seen anything like that in my years in boxing. He was literally done, without eating a big punch, in the span of a half a minute.

And before anybody accuses me of bias, Lamon Brewster is a personal friend, Wlad is not. He was made of iron that night, and fought bravely, like a true champion. I still think he might have legit caught Wlad late in that fight.

he was throwing a lot of punches and Brewster still had some life in him even though he was dropped Vlad pushed and started to tire and then he got hit with a left hook, in that type of scenario Marciano would take him out IMO real Big guys like Lennox and Vlad don't recover well (a lot of body to recharge ) Vlad learned from that loss like Joe Louis learned from Schmeling.

I think the 1st Peter fight showed him a lot about himself and at this time he fights around his own weakness and is smart enough to not throw caution to the wind and pick the fruit before it is ripe. There may have been something funny about the fight but from my viewpoint getting hit when you are tired is the key in that fight. Vlad right now looks like a complete fighter and it also seems he adapted his style to his strengths and his weakness and that is something that a great fighter does. Marciano adapted to a 5"11 frame and short arms by being in the greatest condition a human can be in and he utilized his awkwardness and freakish power by attrition, stamina and determination, Vlad uses his brains, experience and size and from what i have been told he also has freakish power.

I am very big on Vlad right now and these next two years are going to be important for his legacy, he is the fittest and most experienced that he has been and IMO is prime but he did have fights in the past that he would have not survived Marciano dispite the size difference. At this point in time Vlad can hold his own with the best, Ali, Marciano, Louis,Foreman,Frazier, and Lewis, I am not saying he wins or loses that is speculation but he holds his own and on a given night wins
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