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Default Re: So bradley goes life n death with a c class boxer and hes a beast???

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
I agree Bradley probably underestimated Provodnikov. Look, Buddy, it's not like Provodnikov was so adept at cutting off the ring that he was hunting down Bradley and laying it on him. They got close and slugged mostly when Bradley decided to get into it. That's how I saw it at least. When Bradley was moving, jabbing, boxing him from range, Provodnikov had no answer. But he did well when he got his chances to put that power on Bradley, not taking anything away from him at all.
I completely agree that the fight was one-sided and like watching Bradley hit a heavy bag when he wanted to box; it was great stuff. But I don't agree that Bradley "chose" to engage. I think Prov was taking some breaks and just isn't that skilled, but on occasion he would catch Bradley gased out and then they would fight in the trenches.

Bradley's clearly more skilled and was without a doubt fighting the wrong fight (at times), but I don't think everything Prov did well was because Tim gave it to him. I think Prov forced Timmy to do some things he didn't want to, which is indisputable at some points in the fight imho
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