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Default Re: How Daniel Geale took on Anthony Mundine and won

Originally Posted by rusty nails View Post
theres a difference though. you may not be relevant but it is fun slapping you down time and time again..
by the way which rounds did mundine win again?? oh thats right i think i remember something about you inventing an excuse not to tell anyone
For people that don't all seem to care about my scorecard

Have you not noticed that the longer I haven't posted one, the more obsessive some stalkers have become.

I don't need anybody's approval, I know what I see and trust my own judgements. Weak men need me to acknowledge their own opinions as they have no self belief.

Originally Posted by fighta29 View Post
You post threads and dismiss all arguments as wrong with juvenile answers you ****witt. How often have you discussed?

Get ****ed
Nobody has ever answered my initial thread in the wake of the robbery in a rational way, it was filled with wild hate and lies. Not one person could address all of my points in a sane and mature way.

The hate stems from the fact I am right and haters can't stomach that or actually make good points on the sport.

People hate TY but I know he understands boxing, despite him disagreeing with the result I saw we don't ***** on like losers at each other, I would happily discuss the fight with someone that understands boxing. Unfortunately most are incapable on this forum including you.

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