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Default Re: How Daniel Geale took on Anthony Mundine and won

Originally Posted by 20a87 View Post
For people that don't all seem to care about my scorecard

Have you not noticed that the longer I haven't posted one, the more obsessive some stalkers have become.

I don't need anybody's approval, I know what I see and trust my own judgements. Weak men need me to acknowledge their own opinions as they have no self belief.
i dont think its anything to do with that. its more people trying to work out whether your ignorant, a ***** or an idiot. because the more you hold out the more you look like all of the above.
i mean its one thing to come in here and talk up your boy but its another thing entirely to try and discredit somebodys legitimate victory.
i mean thats a pretty low act and kinda sad really. but if thats how you get your thrills then that says it all really
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