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Default Re: How Daniel Geale took on Anthony Mundine and won

Originally Posted by rusty nails View Post
i dont think its anything to do with that. its more people trying to work out whether your ignorant, a ***** or an idiot. because the more you hold out the more you look like all of the above.
i mean its one thing to come in here and talk up your boy but its another thing entirely to try and discredit somebodys legitimate victory.
i mean thats a pretty low act and kinda sad really. but if thats how you get your thrills then that says it all really
In my opinion it was a robbery. Your ignorant hater posts do nothing to prove otherwise.

Originally Posted by fighta29 View Post
Yep, correct, we hate you.

Get ****ed
Great comeback, you're an uneducated hater.

You have nothing brah
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