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Default Re: How Daniel Geale took on Anthony Mundine and won

Originally Posted by 20a87 View Post
In my opinion it was a robbery. Your ignorant hater posts do nothing to prove otherwise.

Great comeback, you're an uneducated hater.

You have nothing brah
Yeah I do - **** off, Get ****ed, **** You, want some more?

You are a ****witt. Uneducated enough for you? You dont need an education to recognise the ****witt that got slapped around at school for being a smart****, and then continued this pathetic streak through his teenage years whilst unable to get a root, then finding his place on a forum where he can remain a smart **** minus the black eyes.

Fortunately i didnt waste all my youth and aquired a trade, but still retained enough character to remain a step above ****witts like you.

YOU have nothing "brah". Except this forum. You love to get personal, and then whinge when its given back to you.

Again i say, GET ****ED
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