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Default Re: How Daniel Geale took on Anthony Mundine and won

Originally Posted by fighta29 View Post
Yeah I do - **** off, Get ****ed, **** You, want some more?

You are a ****witt. Uneducated enough for you? You dont need an education to recognise the ****witt that got slapped around at school for being a smart****, and then continued this pathetic streak through his teenage years whilst unable to get a root, then finding his place on a forum where he can remain a smart **** minus the black eyes.

Fortunately i didnt waste all my youth and aquired a trade, but still retained enough character to remain a step above ****witts like you.

YOU have nothing "brah". Except this forum. You love to get personal, and then whinge when its given back to you.

Again i say, GET ****ED
You don't get to me, clearly I get to you.

You are just avoiding my points. Don't get so mad because I know boxing and you clearly don't.

Originally Posted by rusty nails View Post
your making the claim bro, the burden of proof is on you.. if you would simply post the rounds you scored for mundine we could discuss your findings. but instead you hide and then cry about us all being "haters"
You are a hater though, you haven't addressed any points.

Stalkers are getting ridiculously desperate for "my scorecard". I know what I saw and i'm comfortable with that, this desperate need to convince me suggests that a lot of people crave my approval and aren't secure in their own opinions.
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