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Default Re: Green declares war on bad behaviour

OH BTW, this is the video that the sookie **** is going nuts about..

They are females ffs

Danny says after watching it ..
"not feeling very peaceful" - Whats he feel like punching a girl now does he? fckn bogan

"pull up any knob-headed mates" - Again they are females. Females dont have knobs lol

"Would you like some maggot treating them like dirt? Pull your heads in little boys n girls." - Teenage girls are now maggots?

"Maybe the rubbish you so flippantly disregard to the carpark floor should be shoved down your throat so you think twice about being such a punk next time. Harsh words maybe, but we need to stomp on these disrespectful turds to show our kids this behaviour cannot be tolerated." - Jesus Christ, what a punk Danny turned out to be. He wants to stomp on Teenage girls. Dear god

Biggest Drama queen in boxing. Defend your title **** and stop making fighters come in at Dannyweight. Mind your own bussiness and stick to what you do best, running the Danny circus.
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