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Default Re: Green declares war on bad behaviour

OH BTW, this is the video that the sookie cunt is going nuts about..

They are females ffs

Danny says after watching it ..
"not feeling very peaceful" - Whats he feel like punching a girl now does he? fckn bogan

"pull up any knob-headed mates" - Again they are females. Females dont have knobs lol

"Would you like some maggot treating them like dirt? Pull your heads in little boys n girls." - Teenage girls are now maggots?

"Maybe the rubbish you so flippantly disregard to the carpark floor should be shoved down your throat so you think twice about being such a punk next time. Harsh words maybe, but we need to stomp on these disrespectful turds to show our kids this behaviour cannot be tolerated." - Jesus Christ, what a punk Danny turned out to be. He wants to stomp on Teenage girls. Dear god

Biggest Drama queen in boxing. Defend your title cunt and stop making fighters come in at Dannyweight. Mind your own bussiness and stick to what you do best, running the Danny circus.
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