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Default Re: Green declares war on bad behaviour

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
He is alot of boxers biggest pay days, it works like this, come in at Dannyweight or no fight, money does strange things to people but if he was a true blue honest bloke he would allow EVERYONE he has fought at CW to come in at 200LB and not force them via contract to come in at Dannyweight.
I know exactly what went on with the weights, and as I said, no one was forced to do anything.

You may not like it, but the opponents had a choice.
He isnt right either sox's stomping on peoples heads does not solve anything.
He didn't say anything about stomping on someones head.

His words were -
Harsh words maybe, but we need to stomp on these disrespectful turds to show our kids this behaviour cannot be tolerated.

I didn't read that as stomping on anyones head.
I read it as stomping out crime.

We all know you have a bitter hatred for Green, but you need to read things more carefully before you run off at the mouth.

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