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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships ****

Surprised to see so few on the list in here.

I had this whole speech...

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Tough week. I might change some picks.

Either Ukrainian could get upset. (Lundy has a greater chance than Dos Santos, but is also in tougher)

Solis is apparently "in shape", but who knows his attitude...I doubt L****n chins him, but judges do favor aggression...

Stevenson already lost to Boone... (legit knockout, too)

Alvarez seems like a player so far, but Poulard is no slouch and is a) Jean Pascal's brother and b) valuable sparring partner for Pascal & Bute.

Destroyer Lopez should be cannon fodder for Don George (and was dropped by Trout down at 154lbs, not to mention his nearly double digit stoppage losses) but he does have a reputation for being incredibly mentally tough and in a grueling battle might reap the benefit of George's possibly debilitating wars against Rodriguez and Stevenson...

Granados is being "fed" Cintron, but that could easily backfire...

There is precedent for Helenius getting shocked by an underdog (Chisora) and for Sprott conquering the odds to give an unbeaten European heavyweight problems (Gerber I & II)...

Abraham vs. Stieglitz I was very close, and there is no reason to expect anything different - except that now it's in Stieglitz's backyard instead of Abraham's...

The only truly astounding development would be Matthew Hall somehow turning back the clock and shutting down the BJS Express. The guy quit boxing three years ago because he was already "too old for this ****" at 25. Since coming back he's 2-4. Saunders is an exceptional young talent and even though his performances have been inconsistent a bad one still ought to be plenty to get the job done here.
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