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Default Re: Who else could have finished Willard like Dempsey ?

Originally Posted by MadcapMaxie View Post

I thought it was debunked that the fight was fixed...
While evidence put forward in recent years strengthens the idea that the fight was on the level, there is still a question mark over it.

Dempsey went on to Hollywood to **** starlets and defend his title against washed up and/or opponents who had already been beaten by a more deserving contender who never got a shot. Make that two least Morrison can say he never ducked anyone.
Morrison was never in a position to duck anybody.

You have to be the person that everybody is shooting at first.

And why couldn't he? He was an aggressive stalker, much bigger than Dempsey, harder punching, just as fast if not faster, good head movement and had a fair bit of skills with good combination puching. Morrison looks more technically sound to me on film then Dempsey (GASP! BLASPHEMY!). That Willard was nothing more than a large heavybag with eyes.
You make me wonder how Morrison ever lost here.

However much you try to build him up nand find merit in him based on what you see on film, the results in the ring tell a diferent story.

You cannot simply overlook what a fighter has done and not done in the ring.

Never beat anybody close to being that good that quickly? I'd rate the Pinklon Thomas that Morrison beat in 1 round over that Willard any day of the week.
Then you would be showing considerable artistic liscence.

Thomas had nothing left but his name at this stage of his career.

Willard whatever you think of him, was still the champion.

And yes I would make that prediction, Willard was the worst champion I can recall, including all the alphabet ones.
Firstly, both you and I know that you would never dare to make that prediction in any sort of fight that was going to be shown tonight.

Why don't you post the last five predictions that you made in fights involving two world class fighters?

I don't expect to see a stoppage inside three anywhere.

Secondly, I could name one alphabet champ who was worse than Willard even by the most caustic estimate of him.

Michael Bentt.

He didn't even know to put his hands up to his face when Dempsey was teeing off on him.
Has it ever occcured to you that he might simply have been out on his feet from that forst left hook which caved his skull in?

Why would you base your assesment of any fighters abilities soley on a fight where they get demolished?
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