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Default Re: John Wayne Parr comeback is official

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
Thanks Spider.

I've never seen POV padwork video before, pretty cool. That elbow that flew in......didn't see that coming!

Actually the old boy still looks pretty sharp. His lead leg is top quality, got Thailand stamped all over it, the speed he gets it up and round in multiple quick fire bursts not easy..........pure quality. I thought his power leg looked slow and heavy though. Looks like it wasn't a particularly serious pad session with little intensity, probably winding down a full's day training, so maybe I'm reading into it a little too much.

Anyway good to see him back "Throw another euro on the barbie mate!" Poor Fadi....

By the way I didn't see the GSP vs Diaz fight, had no access to it here. As he's had JWP over to spar and train as well as around 6 moths training with Thai badass Lamsonkram any noticeable improvement in GSP's stand up?
That kind of camera shot does provide a whole new perspective all right. The old guy's still got it too
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