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Default Re: Can we stop saying that Williams dominated?

Originally Posted by Thinman
It was not a one sided fight as some people wanted/make it out to be. However, some people hate Margo and they will tell you the oposite.

The truth will come out, but no now, it will come out when Williams defeat his next opponent.

If Williams fight Cotto, for example, and Williams defeat him by a bigger margin, them you and i will see all kind of funny explanations, because some people won't accept the fact that Margo was better.

Some people are just biass, and they won't give credit to Williams, instead they say they knew that Margo was a fraud, and if you ask them what the chances are for Williams to beat their favourite boxer, then they will tell you that he just defeated a bum and that he has done nothing to deserve a shot.

Pathetic if you ask me, and mostly when it comes from supposedly boxing fans.
You speak the truth. It's sad what this site has turned into because of know it alls...
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