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Default Video of my second amateur bout

So I had my second bout or what could have been my third. After getting beat bad in my first im please with my performance, it was close but I personally feel I won and others did too, I was much more busy than my opponent but let it slip when I was gassed in the third round. But everytime I perform it motivates me to get better, so my fitness will be great next time. Ive only been boxing for 6 months, and its my passion, I want to make a career out of it. Ive come so far in only 6 months, and I nearly won but owell ive got time. My coaches believe in my ability apparently, so hopefully I cant get far. My opponent has been boxing for a year and a half and has had 3 fights with 2 wins. Heres the fight, im the the yellow...

I know a couple things im doing wrong, letting my right hand wander into the middle of my face leaving me open for hooks and also leaning in when tired. BTW my nose bleeds EVERYTIME I box, im getting it cauterized this week and it popped in round 3 as you can see, I think thats why I got a standing count as I cant see why else. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! Thanks.

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