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Default Re: John Wayne Parr comeback is official

Originally Posted by PIRA View Post
Nathan Corbett IMO is the epitome of a how a higher weight class MT fighter should be.

He has decimated the cruiserweight class - there is no one who has looked competitive with him. apart from Spong. Take note of the fact that Tyrone Spong specifically ruled out fighting Corbett with elbows in their fight in direct contravention of WMC rules, Corbett went down twice and still KO'd Spong in the next round with excellent advice from his corner and instantly changing his fight plan and going southpaw. No coincidence that Spong went up in weight after that.

His elbow KO's are plentiful and brutal. See here


There is not one MT fighter at CW past or present that can match his record nor I believe beat him and I can only find competitive hypothetical matches at CW with past greats under K-1 rules, pre-prime Hoost being the main one.The fact that he has won a K-1 HW tournament (92kg is his maximum weight) and not having his best weapons speaks volumes.
Good post.

Big fan of Corbett he has a very aggressive style thats fun to watch. He had a fight recently where he stoped his opponent with an elbow in the first round .

About that fight with sponge;It was clear that even without the elbows Corbett beat Sponge in their match a few years ago. Corbett didnt realize the fight had been stopped and tried to finish his opponent when he had him hurt. It was a mess.
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