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Default Re: Peter Quillin: "The fight with Golovkin doesn't make sense".

Originally Posted by turbotime View Post
Just because someone feels a guy isunproven doesn't mean they hate ALL euro fighters

It's like those re**** Klitschko fans calling people racist because they think Lewis won fair and squre.
Now you're going on about a HW fight that happened over a decade ago!

I couldn't give a fig about Vitali and Lewis.

Stop defending the racist little *****!

If u are going to criticise and hate on other fighters to the extent that MW does then i would advise him not to go around the forum making out Andre Dirrell is the second coming because it will come back to bite u in the ass!

-Criticising the Rosado fight and overlooking the fact that Dirrell was nearly kayoed in 1 by bummy Anthony Hanshaw

-Ridiculing his head movement when Dirrell was banged around by one dimensional Middleweight AA (when was the last time GGG was dropped?)

-Espousing of his impending Exposure when american superstars like Bradley & Dirrell are getting beat up by these supposed stiffs!

-Highlighting the fact that Rosado fought at a lower weight when Dirrell and Bradley (fighters he supports) both had there hardest ever fight against a guy who fought at a lower weight! (Dirrell is about to fight a Middleweight again! A **** one at that too!) How hypocritical can u be man? LOL. Oh wait he's pulled out:

Prov and AA were mentioned to highlight his hypocrisy. Now why would i post a Sam Peter pic or discuss K2 on a thread concerning Quillan and GGG?

Never mind MW...eye of the Tiger n all that!

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