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Default Re: Video of my second amateur bout

Originally Posted by KillSomething View Post
I thought you looked great for a second fight, you'll definitely make something of it if you keep in the gym.

Your movement was really a strong point. You can get even better on this by consciously cutting off the ring. You do it a few times, just do it constantly. A lot of the time you seem to catch yourself following him.

Change the angle and keep punching. You had him turning for much of the fight, you can capitalize on this by turning him or pivoting off and hitting him.

Fitness can always get better, the only reason you lost was because he had a lot more in the tank at the end.

Your defense could use a lot of improvement. You'l find you open up a lot more offensive opportunities that way, and not getting hit is a plus. Work on keeping the right hand at home to catch jabs and block hooks. Head movement needs work too.

To be honest though, keep doing what you're doing and listen to your trainer. My overall impression was "Looks way better than 2 fights."
Thanks mate I agree completely, in the 6 months ive been boxing ive advanced through so quickly its hard to remember everything at once when in action so hopefully they will become second nature, changing angles and cutting off the ring are two things my coach is big on me practicing, he always tells me to make sure I take the centre of the ring and jab, which I think I did for most the fight. Im working on my fitness now, I want to be able to do 6 rounds sparring before tiring so im fully fit for 3 round boxing. And yes my defense does need improvements, now im going to keep my right hand solid next to my chin and hopefully I wont get so s****py when my fitness is better, once again thanks for the tips!
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