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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships ****

Originally Posted by kirk View Post
Slept for 5 hours! That's the most ive slept all week. Not digging the two job thing.

anyways, dremt last night that I was at a fundraiser.... bunch of fighters were there. Old frazier (rip), mosley, GSP (mma fighter), Broner, ect.

Well, as they are all in line going up to receive some award or something, somehow GSP and Broner brush shoulders, and Broner kinda shoves him... so GSP shoves him into the wall, then keeps walking.

As GSP is walking away, Broner takes off the necklace hes wearing n comes up behind him and wraps it around his neck from behind and starts to strangle GSP The place obviously starts to panic and things get crazy and that was the end lol.


GSP hasn't been the same in his last 2 defences since his knee surgery.
His takedowns are less explosive and there is feeling he has slipped just that little bit lately.
Hendrickx normally does not stand a chance but who knows.
He has the benefit of being a monstrous puncher.
If GSP loses by guillotine or rear naked choked which means he would be kinda strangled your dream will be very prophetic again.
Just like Pac - JMM.
the end of an era of a dominant fighter
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