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Default Re: How highly do you rate Benson Henderson? How does he do against prime BJ?

I think the guy has all the attributes to go down as a "great" talking in terms of BJ Penn is premature, Penn finished fights, he will always have that going for him.

Henderson is a product of modern MMA, well rounded, solid skill set, gives nothing away, and is very tough to beat in every single department.

Thing is with Ben Henderson, I look at his application and in my mind he is still trying to inflict damage on his opponents to actually force a finish, unlike St Pierre who is strategy, strategy, strategy, Henderson is putting himself in harms way, its just the finishes are not coming ....................... yet!

But I imagine they will soon enough, the guy is evolving fast, his cardio is beyond freakish, great wrestling, superb striking, good combination striker with hands and feet! the guy has the tools!
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