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Default Re: How highly do you rate Benson Henderson? How does he do against prime BJ?

The mind set in modern MMA is one of a structured fight, looking primarily to beat the opponent on points rather than look for ways to force a stoppage.

Not in every single fight I will add but look at the likes of Edgar, St Pierre, John Jones Dominic Cruz to an extent! all top P4P guys but have that modern application where strategy comes first.

The likes of BJ Penn, Chuck Liddell, Fedor, Wanderlei, Shogun these will never be seen in MMA again, because that type of caution to the wind approach of going in there and taking the win by KO or submission is too dangerous to a fighter nowadays, the sport has become like boxing in this sense.

Get the W first, if the finish is there take it! if possible, its changed, and its changed for good. Look at all the up and coming fighters now, they are all well rounded, Jose Aldo was probably the last one to come through and blast people out!

Benson Henderson may go on a run of 10 world title defences without finishing a guy, this will ofcourse have him surpass Penn in numbers, but the fan will always remember Penn before a LW version of St Pierre.

Please dont get me wrong, what St Pierre does is very very impressive / special in-fact, but it is this application that has seen a tectonic shift in the way young fighters want to go about their business in the cage. I preferred and still prefer a finish to a fight!

I just hope Henderson develops enough skill to start putting guys away.
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