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Default Re: Pele Reid, the man who knocked out Vitali

Originally Posted by thistle1 View Post
far too much of that attitude around here, especially among 'us' Brits... honesty is often replaced with 'personal' emotion, defensiveness and crowd pleasing, you know "keepin in with the boys"...

it's an interest we all share and some know more than others, some 'think' they do and others still are just followers of the popular beat, not always accurate either.

I learn here and value ALL inpute and either take it on board or try to 'politely' point out when & where it might be not quite right, too many just attack!
Poor Seamus.

Maybe if he took on board what you have have to say instead of largely posting sarcastic and derisive posts at the expense of older fighters and other posters then I wouldn't have pointed out that he'd made a monumental tit of himself here in the manner I did.

He's a good poster when he wants to be but his routine gets tiresome after a while. It is interesting that you pull me up but Seamus gets a free pass as per usual. There is a bit of a tendency towards cliquishness on Classic sometimes I think.
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