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Default Re: Scores for Margo vs. Williams

Originally Posted by Morrissey
Though I had Williams winning by atmost 2 rounds, I had no problem seeing your scorecard.

That round 12 was critical for Margarito. COuld have been his saver.
Thankyou Morrissey.

I feel the same way about the 12th round that you do.

A couple of the previous rounds I scored for Margarito because I value hard punching and aggression more than I do just plain punches landed, could have just as easily gone to Williams without claiming Margarito was robbed from those rounds.
Thats why I did'nt have a real problem with the two judges that scored 115-113 (although I disagreed)

Margarito really expended alot of energy in that 11th round where he was visibly trying to take out Williams.

Had Margarito eased up just a bit after that 11th round was already in the bag, he may have had enough juice to have fought a better 12th than he did.

No doubt about it, the 12th turned out to be the differece maker, and the judges rightfully gave that 12th to Williams.
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