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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships ****

Originally Posted by BeastsideBoxing View Post
I read Bute's camp want's VADA or USADA tests, motivating that Pascal signed with Heredia who doped a dozen of athletes.
Pascal doesn't want VADA because there has been big fights cancelled because of small traces of substances, rubbish stuff. And he mentions the VADA are expensive, and the boxers have to pay for it.
Pascal mentions Peterson-Khan and Berto-Oritz(sued because of very small traces).

Bute is willing to pay for the best tests possible, says Larouch(his couch)
Did VADA not screw up those two times by not releasing all the info from start ?
All i saw was "Berto has tested positive !!!!!" and then it was suddenly "Oh, it was just trace amounts of something insignificant."

But to refuse extra testing ?
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