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Default Re: Scores for Margo vs. Williams

Originally Posted by smokey
I scored right with Merchant, but I do think that the HBO guys were underplaying what Margo was doing in the fight. It seemed like they made up their minds in round 1 that he was going to lose. He was administering a beating in the later rounds, and all I heard was how it didn't matter what he did, because Williams was still shooting the jab... even as Lederman was scoring rounds for Margo.. and STILL trashing him.

The commentating was not good with the exception of Merchant, who seemed pretty unbiased. I don't think Margo won, but he wasn't blown out or outclassed by any stretch of the imagination. The fight competative.
Its become a ritual and habit for HBO to make up their minds about a fighter, or how a fight is going to unfold within the first minute of a fight.

I kid you not....I'm not exaggerating. In the Gatti-Gomez fight, not 10 seconds had gone by in the 1st round, and Emmanuel Steward had already noted that Arturo Gatti did'nt look like a shot fighter!

....can they at least let 1st round end before they make a bonehead statement like that in judging from the first 10 seconds of a fight???
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