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Default Re: Rather Watch Floyd - Sergio or Anderson - Jon?

^^This, but I'll be a good sport and answer the OP's question...

These are two different Sports we are talking here and Mayweather v Martinez is not a fight that fans are clamoring for. Floyd Mayweather may be undefeated, but only fights once a year and Martinez is coming off knee surgery. There will be catch weights and many more months passing before this fight were to come. A few weight classes separating them too so I truly do not have my hopes up.

Silva v JJ is of more substance, but I don't want to see it. While both are on top, they are at two different points of their careers. Anderson Silva's is ending as Jones' has only begun. Therefore, Silva v GSP is fight that I want to see. Two of the Sports biggest stars fighting for all the glory... Whoever wins that fight will go down as the best of this generation.
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