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Default Re: NEW Aussie Boxing Tipping Comp

Aussie TippingComp

In the 4th round our champ was uncharacteristically out of action, that's all the invitation former champ Thirdgeary needed to now rule the comp on 62 points

The rest of the field

Robot16 53

Boppa Zoo 53

Nrgetic 51

Sai 50

Porkchopexpress 50

Maco_187 46

boxa01 45

Lamont Zero 44

boxing_banker 42

Super_Fly_Sam 40

Leckie 39

Hopkinsfan 38

Hmmm 38


Kegsy 34

Ladtec 34

Ashley 34

Amsterdam 30

Jb1 30

Dazza Dawg 30

Tills9191 28

The Man 247 24

Marcus 22


Dekkers 45

*Aussie Tipping Comps Hall of fame*

Honouring the bragging rights of former champions

Robot 16 1 time champion
Thirdgeary 1 time champion


Feel free to join fellow Aussies (and Kiwis, Poms, Danes, Swiss expatriates, etc). When Kegsy puts up this weeks fights, just pick who you think will win, either by points or stoppage, and put a joker on the fight you think is a sure thing. You'll start at the bottom of the table with whoever is comming last, but not to worry, each season is only 12 weeks long anyway.

Scoring system is on the first page if you're curious, if there's a ****up pm me
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