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Default Re: How highly do you rate Benson Henderson? How does he do against prime BJ?

Originally Posted by Bill Butcher View Post
I don`t rate him that highly, he`s a good champion & quite well rounded but I`m pretty sure a prime BJ Penn finishes him within 5 rounds. If not then he beats him down for at least 4 of those en route to a clear UD.

Penn is on a different level to Henderson, he is without doubt the greatest LW in MMA history, I doubt Ben Henderson can get close to that ranking but only time will tell us that.
I think this is pie in the sky to be perfectly honest, Im not sure what flaws Henderson has that BJ could capitalise on!

Henderson is a better striker than Penn, better wrestler, fitter, stronger, as quick on the feet with as quick hand speed, and he has more tools!

Nobody ever wants to be that guy that says Ben Henderson would beat a prime BJ Penn, but one has to do a little assessment of the fighters, if somebody is asking me how I see Penn finishing or out-pointing Ben Henderson, I'm not actually sure how I see that happening.
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