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Default Re: Rid**** Bowe to make Muay Thai debut in may

Originally Posted by PivotPunch View Post
Prime Bowe would have done great he was a big fighter who loved fighting on the inside he would have been a monster in the clinch but yeah at this point it's just sad
Clinch work has everything to do with technique and little to do with size or strength. And anyway very few HWs know what their doing in the clinch. 99% of HWs are technically clueless in the clinch with basic knowledge at best. They tend to go staright for the plumb, lazily lift thier knees with little or no hip extension and then lean on the guy for a breather....always ends up in an ugly mess on the ropes.

About Rid**** Bowe.......

He'd be better off making a boxing comeback, he'd go further!
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