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Default Re: How highly do you rate Benson Henderson? How does he do against prime BJ?

He's good, but not the ultimate dominant lightweight champion the UFC is trying to push him as.

He'd lose to prime Penn, and would lose to Pettis again or Aldo if he moves up.

I had him clearly beating Edgar the first time, but I tend to give the rematch to Edgar 3-2 (1 and 3 to Bendo, 2 and 4 to Edgar, 5 is a swing round; Bendo landed the most significant blow of the round, but not much happened in it until the very end of the round, which favored Edgar's "run around and throw arm punches, shoot takedowns that lead to nothing, rinse and repeat" strategy.)

Still, if he manages to not fight Aldo or Pettis, he could well put together a long run of decision win title defenses. Could be the reign of "BSP."
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