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Default Re: How highly do you rate Benson Henderson? How does he do against prime BJ?

He has some intangibles, his striking is nuanced enough to give non kickboxers looks they have never seen before, but as we have seen better kickboxers can beat Henderson (Pettis) with even more nuanced looks and feints than even Henderson was accustomed to seeing.

Henderson is game, s****py and very limber/ flexible for someone who carries the sort of explosive power he does. He's strong enough and flexible enough to neutralize really nice takedown attempts, and his gas is exceptional. He's not a guy who's easy to out will, as we saw with Guida, he can keep up with any pace and is comfortable in deep water.

What I think Henderson lacks is Polish in a certain location. Most great fighters have a couple things they can reach for in their bag of tricks, I don't see any specific techniques of Henderson that are outstanding. Nothing like a Jose Aldo knee or leg kicks, or a GSP takedown, or some technique he can use to change the tide of a fight. He didn't beat Frankie convincingly, and he is susceptible to being out struck on the feet which makes me think B.J. could beat him.

But, B.J. is also a guy who could be out willed and out hustled, Benson Henderson has will and Hustle in spades. It's an interesting matchup you bring up! If BJ ever had a weakness it was his heart and will, where he had techniques and polish in spades..

Fascinating matchup to think about Haggis!
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