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Default Re: Emile Griffith v Mike McCallum @154

Originally Posted by lora View Post
Probably need to watch the Tiger fight again.I mostly just remember him having a lot of his success on the outside and at mid-range with the straight punches by taking advantage of Tiger's tendency to reset himself and try starting from scratch when turned(rather than just punch, even if off balance) he did use his subtle footwork to keep big **** off balance so he could slip inside and pound away for a bit, but i don't remember it being the main strategy, just something he'd do so as not to become too predictable or polite.
This is a good summation as Griffith did enjoy most of his success on the outside...but I have to respectfully disagree somewhat...Griffith really surprised me with his strength on the inside against Tiger (for periods) in that first fight. But as you keenly observed, it could have been Griffith's footwork and positioning that leveraged Tiger off his spot...Griffith did not choose to engage Benvenuti that way...then again, Benvenuti was a bit quicker on the feet too...I just remember being shocked at how Griffith was able to move Tiger!
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