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Default Re: Thoughts On Antofurmo/Hagler I & II?

Originally Posted by salsanchezfan
I agree that Hagler won, but it wasn't by a lot. Anyone claiming it to be some sort of terribly obvious thing is mistaken or hasn't seen it. Hagler DID fade noticeably in the second half of the fight, and Vito stole some rounds. I had Hagler by two points, and that's a close fight.

As to fight number two, Vito had been floored by Mauricio Aldana in the fight just before that, and suddenly seemed to look his age, according to what I've read (haven't seen that fight). That idea seemed reinforced when Hagler took him on the second time. I think the knockdown Hagker scored there was as much a balance issue for Vito as being hurt; the punch landed on his forehead, if memory serves, and he was squared up against Hagler I think. I'll have to watch it again.

Vito just seemed more passive and out of synch, and Marvin sliced him up, forcing a stoppage.

Which goes to show you, when Antuofermo didn't bleed, he could be difficult to stay with.
I am glad you are back. I agree I had a Hagler win in the First encounter, but in no way was it a lopsided fight. Vito is largely under rated and many times unappreciated. I love watching Minter-Antuofermo for a classic battle (one of the more difficult to score as well!). The first fight was Hagler's in my book, but robbery is harsh. I don't know what I can add about the 2nd encounter?
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