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Default Re: Thoughts On Antofurmo/Hagler I & II?

Originally Posted by kenmore
I agree with you that Hagler deserved to win by about two rounds. He built up quite an early fight lead and I don't believe Vito's late surge was enough to compensate.

It was cool to see Antuofermo buck the odds and give Hagler a great fight, but it was not cool to see the judges rip Hagler off again. This is especially so because Hagler was forced to wait so long for his title fight.

Marvin had to wait years before he was given a title shot, and he was forced to stand aside and see less deserving boxers get their shots ahead of him. They say Hagler was a guy with a chip on his shoulder, and frankly, I can totally understand why.
Boxing is boxing, there are a lot worse stories than Hagler having to wait a couple of years for his title shot, Robinson had to wait donkeys years to get his shot whilst some other greats like Burley and Langford never got their chance.

What I personally dislike in fighters is ones who ***** and whine and unfortunately Hagler takes it to the Nth degree, he is still struggling to come to terms with his last defeat, which as proven on polls on these boards, most agreed that Leonard just nicked it.
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