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Default Re: Why do people hate Manny Pacquiao?

Originally Posted by JohnAnthony View Post
just haterz. this thread s proving it.

A guy climbs more weigh classes than anyone in history. beat guys that everyone he was way to small to be in the ring with, and still gets hate.


Manny has faced everyone, and has the best resume in the last 20 years of boxing (in terms of who he fought) there's no way he would dodge a fight with floyd.
You are actually wrong, Manny is NOT anywhere near as small as Pac****s would like you to believe. He was actually one of the biggest weight drainers, and has been weighing in as a welterweight since his days at 130... He did climb more weight classes than anyone in history, yet refuses to take blood tests, you don't think this is suspicious? He is claiming it will "weaken" him, yet MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS disagree with him, tons of other boxers do the same testing without problems, and Floyd would be subject to the same tests! If it really weakened him, wouldn't it be doing the same to Floyd too, who must take the same tests? Point NULL and VOID. His titles are NOT all legitimate, you think winning a 154 title using a 150 lb catchweight for instance is legit? He has alot of big names on his resume, but closer dissection reveals this is misleading. He took on most of those big names when they were coming off of losses, and yet still weight drained them, to gain a systematic advantage. I used to be a huge fan of Manny, but I realized he was a farce, you should do the same. He is a great fighter, but is a farce in the sense that people have elevated him into being the greatest of this era etc. that's bull.
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