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Default Re: *** Jon Jones VS. Cain Velasquez.. Super fight!! ***

Originally Posted by Beouche View Post
Cains all about groundwork, so i doubt Jones wants to go there, not until he really has to. He could hurt Cain on the feet - he has some hideous jarring moves - the vile **** actually seems to target areas like the knee caps and pineapple. He's also a fluid improviser on the feet - he'll pull a brutal strike on you when you're least expecting it.

And when it hits the ground, Bones is absolutely devastating - maybe the most devastating ive seen. It sure would be interesting to see what Cain could do to him from top position though

Because of Cains naturally bigger size, awesome cardio, and damn good all round game, i could see this one going to the wire. And Cain awesomely neutralized THEE best striker in the HW division

Its one hell of a match up Sluggs

I think it really depends on how well Jones acclimates to the HW division. The guy is a special fighter, he has made easy work out of everyone @ 205.. He has so many weapons, speed, striking, reach, wrestling... The whole 9..

Then we have Cain, The guys also a beast and he's used to fighting big guys. He doesn't have many holes in his game... His ground game is solid, He has improved his stand-up..
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