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Default Re: *** Jon Jones VS. Cain Velasquez.. Super fight!! ***

Originally Posted by Flexb View Post
This is a hilarious quote by Cain:

"He's on a two-fight winning streak, he just knocked out Alistair Overeem, a huge victory," Velasquez said. "You can't underestimate anyone in this sport, everything's so close with the little gloves and all of that."

HAHAHAHAHA, a massive 2 fight win streak!!! WOOOOooooooOO! This is what I hate about UFC. in Boxing, a guy usually has a 15 fight win streak before getting a title shot. UFC, u win 2 fights and wham, you're a champ -- for 1-2 fights before losing. Unless you're GSP.
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You have to remember Flex That the UFC is structured differently than Boxing.. The best usually fight the best. In boxing guys will fight 10 nobodies to start their career and slowly up the competition. In the UFC, The top 10 are constantly fighting eachother trying to get a title shot. Cain was going to fight Alistair but Bigfoot knocked him out... So Dana really had no choice but to give him the shot. Werdum is tied up with the Big Nog fight and Struve just got defeated.
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