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Default Re: Boxing Scoring FAQ and Discussion

Originally Posted by mick557 View Post
That is the only logical explanation for it but you would think there would be more examples of it happening surely a round like Vasquez/Marquez RD12 from the third fight would warrant a 10-7 round.
Absolutely could've been, yes. It's in the individual judge's discretion.

I think sometimes judges when they were already leaning toward a KD-free 10-8 (which is pretty rare to begin with) might feel a bit self-conscious dropping a three-point swing if a knockdown happens and might just roll it all together as 10-8 even knowing they would've scored it the same w/o a KD.

So I think we don't see it often because not many judges have Weisfeld's cojones of being willing to stick their necks out and march to a unique drum beat.
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